Crow Wing County Lakes and Rivers Alliance

LARA will work to preserve and enhance the quality of Crow Wing County's lakes, rivers, wetlands and groundwater.

LARA Accomplishments over the Past Year


  1. Created a document that outlines LARA’s priorities – the three things LARA does really well to fulfill our mission and meet the needs of our member lake associations
  2. Partnered with the Crow Wing SWCD, the Brainerd Lakes Area Audubon Society, University Extension, The Nature Conservancy, and the MNDNR to present the 13th annual Lake-Friendly Development Awards. Brought in Kevin Woizeschke, a Non-Game Biologist with the DNR to present on recent research conducted in Crow Wing County that looks at loons and their migratory habits.
  3. Attended public meetings and gave testimony on the County’s proposal to open up the Mississippi River Northwoods Protection Area to a proposed ATV trail
  4. Met with County officials to discuss questionable development proposals that were approved on shoreland wetland properties
  5. Provided feedback to the county’s 2016 AIS prevention plan by partnering with other Crow Wing County lake associations and submitting a letter of our agreed-upon recommendations
  6. Partnered with Central Lakes College and Gallaudet University to support a program that trains the next generation of lake stewards. Students and professors from both schools do water quality testing in lakes around Crow Wing County, assess overall watershed health, and make recommendations to improve the water quality of the lake.
  7. Support critical statewide water issues through our memberships with the Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates and MNCOLA
  8. A representative from LARA attends the quarterly MNCOLA meetings as a voting member
  9. Participated in MNCOLA’s AIS survey to document public and private dollar amounts spent on AIS. Survey highlights how much lakeshore owners, lake associations and private citizens contribute to the cause out of their own pockets.
  10. Continue to administer the CWEPA grant, which makes available approximately $3,000/year to support natural resources projects happening in our own back yard of Crow Wing County
  11. Through our Water Warrior Award, we annually recognize lake leaders who work tirelessly and selflessly for our county’s most precious natural resource – its water
  12. By conducting winter meetings in Extension’s conference room, we have been able to Skype with board members who spend the cold winter months in warmer climes. This helps us achieve a quorum for official board meetings during the off-season.
  13. LARA remains a financially sound organization
  14. We send out electronic versions of our quarterly newsletters to member associations and we continue to update our Facebook site and our website with information helpful to our members and the general public.