Crow Wing County Lakes and Rivers Alliance

LARA will work to preserve and enhance the quality of Crow Wing County's lakes, rivers, wetlands and groundwater.

The Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation, in collaboration with Crow Wing County Land Services Department, has grants available through Minnesota’s new Legacy Amendment to assist conservation-minded shoreland property owners in Crow Wing, Cass, and Aitkin counties in protecting the natural values of their land using conservation easements. Qualifying shoreland properties will be undeveloped or minimally developed and at least 10 acres.

What is a conservation easement?

Landowners give up the future development rights on their land (an easement= an interest in land) to be held by a qualifying unit of government or nonprofit organization. Future building sites can be set aside and current buildings remain, but no additional development. In return, the IRS may provide a charitable deduction for the value of the easement. The landowner still owns the land and can use it, just not develop it. They can also sell it or pass it to heirs, but the easement stays in place. Keeping land in a natural state protects water quality and fish and wildlife habitat for all to enjoy. The grants will pay for the out-of-pocket costs of putting the easement in place, including an appraisal needed to take an IRS charitable deduction.


For more information, contact Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation at or 218-675-5773