Crow Wing County Lakes and Rivers Alliance

LARA will work to preserve and enhance the quality of Crow Wing County's lakes, rivers, wetlands and groundwater.

We Heard You

By: Phil Hunsicker

Welcome to the Crow Wing LARA website.
It’s bright and shiny and new.
We didn’t do it for us.
No, this is all about you.

You told us we should get with it,
And be more accessible to the masses,
So we can have better communication,
On things like zebra mussels, shoreland buffers and good habitat for loons, frogs and basses.

We’ll see how this venture works out.
We hope you’ll let us know,
If we perform like the lake leaders you deserve,
Or more like Larry, Curly and Moe.

We’ll try and be more like Jack Wallschlaeger and Sue Jordan,
Who spoke passionately for our rivers and lakes.
They left us, but not before teaching a valuable lesson,
That one must give in this world more than one takes.

Crow Wing LARA pledges to do our part,
To educate, to advocate, and to be vocal,
For healthy lakes, rivers and wetlands,
Across the state, but especially those more local.

So welcome to this new adventure.
We look forward to meeting your needs.
We hope our relationship will grow,
By the planting of these cyber seeds.Crow Wing LARA logo image