1944 People behind me were shot in the shoulder

1944 June 24th: I walked with my family, we were traveling from China to Korea by bus, I was looking for seats on the bus, there were not enough seats for us three, luckily there were two buses. My parents were in a separate bus witch was smaller. I sat next to young boys, and met a boy named Bob. He was my age and nice, we talked for a few hours. But suddenly, there was shooting and the buses went in different locations running away from the shooting. People behind me were shot in the shoulder and the bus was red. Bob and I did not get shot, but we were lost and the bus was shot until damaged. But where are my parents, I was crying so was bob, I was afraid until there was a motel witch I had enough pocket money for. July 3rd:This is when I felt uncomfortable and scared, it’s when I had no more pocket money for food and shelter. So was bob, he was very scared cause I was the only one to have money and I was in charge of him. There were boats all over the place cause there was a river, off course you know it, we needed to sneak one out on the river and escape the area. Then there was one person on a bigger boat that asked us:”Do you need any help.” “We said we lost our parents.””Ok so that’s a yes” He took us a ride to his house which was big enough for us. And we asked for his name wich was Oliver. And oliver gave us clothes and a shower. We had a dinner with Oliver hen they put us to sleep. And we repeated for five days. July 8th:It was all fine until I woke up the middle of the night off some gunshots and bombing. Suddenly I open the door and the house is on fire. I scream loud then bob wakes up with fear:”What happening” bob said with fear”I don’t know, I’m scared about Oliver. Should we save him.””Heck no. I don’t want to die too”We had no choice but to jump out out of the window, the problem was that we were the third floor. But there was a tree so we jumped on tree that had pines that cut me on the knee and bob was lucky and did not get cut. We ran and there were Japanese people all over the place shooting at the Chinese. We were lucky no one shot us. We took Oliver’s boat without permission and we got away. July 10th:We were on a mountain were Chinese people were eating grass eating plants that are no supposed to be eaten. We heard that the Japanese come in the day and go in the nights. Thank god it was night, we found small cave that was spacious and cozy to us. I was kind of scared cause the Japanese would check every inch and crevice of the mountain. We had no choice but to eat leaves. We covered the cave witch the dead elves from the trees. Then it was day so we were scared and we slept. It was night again in the time we woke up and we suddenly a hand got threw the leaves in the cave choking bob. I moved the leaves and saw Oliver. He recognized us and released bob’s neck. We were so surprised how he survived and found us. He was burnt up to a second degree burn. He felt sorry about choking bob. For an apology he gave us a last chocolate bar he had. He put his palm on my face and felt my feelings and started tearing up. July 12th:Oliver told us stories that he was wanted and that the Japanese knew that he had us, they thought he was going to kill us. So they he was searched by the Japanese so we had to separate and he had to move to another mountain. But we stayed in our cave and calmed down. Then Bob went out of the cave to get some water in a coconut shell and was expected to come back, but didn’t come back for a while. I was nervous. So I went out of the cave and screamed his name:”Bob””Yessss” an eco came from far awayI followed the sound and found a hut. He was inside eating some rice, I was happy and when in the hut. The hut smelled amazing with all the steam. The old women serving the steamed rice was called Shirley, she was very old so the only this she cared about was the little children like us and she put me some rice to go in a coconut shell. And let us go back to my cave. The next day happens. July 13th:Now we get taken by some american fighter that is trying to help China, he took us to an American fighter airline were there were so many fighter and guns and full of rooms with beds, it was terrifying when bob and I knew that we were somewhere else and somewhere we didn’t know. We were half asleep when the fighters took us to the helicopter. When we went to the bedroom in bed, we were exhausted and dizzy. I was talking to an interpreter