As a medical professional, you need to know the human body
and its anatomy inside and out and that include organs and tissues. “An organ
is a structure composed of several tissues that work together to carry out
specific functions (Allan, Lockyer, 2016, p.24)”. With that being said, tissues
make up an organ, and organs make up organ systems, and organ systems are vital
to the human body functioning properly. For example, the cardiovascular system
is made up of the heart and blood vessels, which will “move blood and transport
substances throughout the body” (Allan, Lockyer, 2016, p.24).  Now lets say a medical professional is not
knowledgeable of the organs of the cardiovascular system, they could easily misdiagnose
a patient with chest pain as acid reflux when in reality the patient is having
a heart attack. Having the knowledge of where the organs are and what they do,
is extremely important as a medical professional.