Tips and advice for looking for work online

Especially in Italy, finding work is never easy. As we all know, there are many requests while the offers are always in smaller quantities. However, the web allows many people to find out about potentially interesting job offers.

The opportunity to apply online, in many ways, has crossed the common Italian systems of submission for “recommendation”, favoring more merit-based dynamics. Anyone who has an internet connection and a computer can respond to job advertisements based on their skills. The recruiters will decide the best one considering the possession of the required skills as a criterion of choice.

Through the network, it is also possible to apply for jobs abroad while sitting comfortably on the sofa at home. This was unthinkable until a few years ago. Not to mention the advantage of carrying out searches by setting filters by distance and by type of use.

There are still many people who prefer to deliver their resume in person, doing less than the benefits that digitization provides. If you belong to this category and are curious to find out how to search for work online, you just have to read the next paragraph.

How to look for work online: 3 tips to apply immediately

If you’re looking to find out how to search for jobs online and you don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. Today we address this issue because we are aware of the difficulties encountered today in looking for work, but the important thing is to stay informed, do not miss out on any opportunities, and take advantage of everything that comes our way. The market is evolving quickly and, if we want to win, we can’t help but keep up. Below are the 3 fundamental steps to assert yourself online, get rid of competitors, and get the desired job.

1. Write your curriculum vitae and keep it updated

Would you ever show up for a first meeting without saying your name? The same is true in the world of work. Your CV is your business card, your identity card: without it, you can’t get any job.

It is not only important to own it but also to update it, under penalty of exclusion.

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In fact, sending applications with out-of-date experiences also denotes superficiality and little interest, considerably disadvantageous connotations. It should also be noted that to obtain even better results it is useful to adapt the curriculum from time to time, depending on the job offer to which you are applying. Focus is often a winning strategy. This is also explained in the article above.

2. Attach a good cover letter

Writing a good cover letter can be instrumental in leaving a good impression and sparking interest. We already talked about it here How to write an effective cover letter.

This procedure is often overlooked because it is considered less important than the curriculum. However, a good cover letter can stimulate the interest of the recruiter who will then be more willing to consult the curriculum and grant an interview. This letter must not contain experiences or educational qualifications. There are no precise rules, the important thing is to talk about yourself sincerely, adding a pinch of creativity.

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