When and how to apply for a job on the web

The most common mistake everyone makes is sending a single resume in response to any type of job posting in the hope that someone will contact them and offer them a job. It is as if to attend a wedding, birthday, or funeral you decide to use the same dress. Each situation requires a certain dress code. Still, you risk being a little weird if you show up in a swimsuit at a business meeting. The same goes for applying for a job posting. To understand the best way to do it, it must be emphasized that the economic proposal is not the only element that should interest you. Even if you are not looking for the job of your “dreams”, you must still be attracted to pursue a certain career instead of another for some reason. Applying for a job posting exclusively for profit is not the most advisable choice. Most humans spend a lot of time working – it’s hard to fill a role for long if you get bored or don’t feel involved enough. The survival instinct, which occasionally shows up, would save us from this circumstance before (hopefully) running into depression or related states of malaise. Finding a profession that can satisfy is also important on a health level: you can’t help but consider this aspect.

So what do you do to apply for a job posting?

First imagine you are a recruiter: what would you like to read? This is the first question you need to ask yourself.

Realize that you have to consult numerous applications, read endless pages, and take responsibility for the choices you make. Now we don’t need to push ourselves into the psyche of the recruiters, but this little digression wants to help you to better frame the situation. The first step consists, in fact, in knowing the company well, then researching it on the internet by analyzing the services it offers and the vision. It is necessary to enter into her perception, understand her ambitions, and leverage the entrepreneurial spirit that guides her in her daily choices. There must be no limits to the study of the company for which you aspire to work.

From here on, as a result of the above analysis, it is necessary to make changes to your curriculum following the type of job and company philosophy for which you are applying. For example, if you are applying to work at Nike it is unproductive to leave the professional experience, not in line with the requirements for the current position. If, on the other hand, you add statements particularly dear to the wing of the Greek goddess of victory, you will undoubtedly embellish your presentation.

But you don’t just have to study the company and shape your curriculum. It may seem obvious but it is also important to read the job description in the ad carefully because often, when we feel tired or lazy, we avoid dwelling on the details, making a brief reading. This attitude will not only waste your time because your application could be easily trashed, but it will also absorb energy and patience useful for other ads.

It is our task here to abolish the common belief of having to send many applications to find work. In fact, quality must be privileged over quantity.

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What else can you do to increase your chances of success?

Always attach one cover letter to the resume gives an edge. Hardly anyone does. The cover letter is your trump card and can really be taken into consideration – as long as it respects the ineluctable parameters of originality and unconventional.
Try to be lightly provocative but without ever losing sight of the formal context. Imagine that you are the entrepreneur yourself and write what you would like a candidate to tell you.

Highlight your determination and personal confidence (even if you don’t feel that way) with charismatic phrases:

“I am confident that I can make a substantial contribution to your business”

“I’m the right person for you”

“I believe in what I do, give me the chance to meet”

“I’m available immediately, even yesterday”

Position yourself without ever losing sight of your goal. Take it as a challenge where you come out winner or loser. It is no longer just “the job”, it is “your job” and you have to conquer it through a proactive attitude that we like to call “professional courtship”. Look around you, be curious, study what is happening in the environment around you, catch the changes, and be a pioneer. Think outside the box.

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