d is also a software or we can say

d by threading 3D models by the help of protein function database32. I-TASSER has been extended for structure-based protein function prediction, which provides annotations on ligand binding sites , gene ontology and enzyme commission by structurally matching structural models of the target protein to the known protein in protein function databases.9- DDBJ:-DDBJ  stands for DNA data Bank of japan. It collects biological DANA sequence 3334.DDBJ starts in 1986 and is it is DANA data Bank so it collects only on nucleotides. It’s activity starts or we can say that begin at NIG. DDBJ was started by the Japanese committee but now it work as the international committee and it’s data checked in once a year.10- MASCOT:-Mascot is basically a software . It identifies the protein from  peptide sequence databases by using the mass spectrometry3536.It is freely available for the usage on the website but a license is required if we want to use it at home35. It is a kind of a software which identify the protein by the help of the probabilistic scoring algorithm methods.11- Modeller:-Modeller is also a software or we can say that computer program that is used  to create the models of tertiary and quatenary proteins structure by using homology modelling37.This program author name is Angrej sali. Initially it was released 29 years ago in 1989.Unix, windows etc are the operating systems of this software.12- Orf:- It is known as open reading frame or orf. It has potential so that it can be translated . It has basically stop and start both type of codons38.ATG codon which is not a start codon but in orf translation can be start at this codon too. If due to any cause before stop codon transcription stops so in the result of that an incomplete protein will be formed .In the result of orf transcription the resulted protein is formed from the mRNA.13- RasMol:-RasMol is also a computer program. It is a kind of software which is used for the written molecular graphics visualization and it is extended and explore the macromolecules structure of biology.All of it’s data is stored in protein data Bank and it is firstly introduced by Roger Sayle in the early 1990s39.It’s operating systems are Unix and windows. It can be used on the website but for the home use a license is needed GPL. It is available in English and it’s type is molecular graphics.14- Swiss Model:-It is the software which is used for the homology modelling of the protein 3D structure 40.Structural bioinformatics tool is basically it’s type. No license is used for it’s usage it is freely available.swiss model is basically made-up by three components: i- Swiss Model workspace or workbenchii-swiss model pipelineiii-swiss model repository15- Cn3D:- It is a software which is based on the window,Unix and Macintosh.It is used to view the 3 dimensional structure. Swiss Model is freely available but without source code while Cn3D source codes are freely available.It’s program language is C++.Conclusion:-It is newly introduced but rapidly growing branch, as it  progress in the few years.  One thing is clear that the future research will be guided largely by the availability of databases, which could be either generic or specific. It can also be safely assumed, based on the developments in the field of bioinformatics, that the bioinformatics tools and software packages would be able to give results that are more accurate and thus more reliable interpretations.