Gauri biological father. Subhash is ready to lead a

Gauri wants to lead a
luxury life with all comforts. She is fully Americanized and she didn’t want to
manage or carry her role as an ideal mother with responsibilities like
daughter, husband and household works. She begins to think that her life will
be more thrilling and enjoyable without her daughter Bela and husband Subhash.
Gauri fells that her sexual life with Subhash is unsatisfied and Subhash too
feels the same. She is also frustrated to see Subhash as an outstanding father
to Bela which causes her discomfort as she knows that, he is not her biological
father. Subhash is ready to lead a happy life with Gauri and he insists her to
have another child for Bela’s sake, but Gauri disapproves it. When Bela is
five, Gauri starts attending her graduate school, leaving all the
responsibility of taking care of Bela. It was Subhash who comes to the rescue
of Bela and manages his time to watch Bela. Gauri never had a feel of
commitment towards her family and begins to pursue a doctorate. In addition to
this she thinks Bela as a burden and always exempts her responsibility several
times in taking care of Bela. Gauri also keeps on nagging Subhash to reveal
Bela about Udayan and he agrees to tell her one day.

Subhash and Bela goes
to Calcutta to meet his mother as he misses his father’s last journey. When
they return from Calcutta they were terrified to find out that Gauri had left
them. Gauri leaves a note to Subhash in which she praises him as a perfect
father and can take care of Bela all by himself, and she is going to
California. Gauri, after bouncing around all of California settles in a
permanent job in Claremont College. Subhash takes care of bela who comes to
adolescent age and gets mentally disturbed and she was in need of a
psychologist. She recovers, and becomes very active in her high school club
activities. Bela after her high school and graduation lives a nomadic life,
traveling around the United States advocating for conservation of the
environment. Bela at her mid thirties reveals Subhash that she is pregnant but
the father is unknown. Subhash gets fury and is compelled to reveal Udayan’s
connection to her. Bela upset and disgraced walks out of him. But soon she
forgives him and they start to live together in Rhode Island where Bela gives
birth to Meghna, her daughter. Subhash emails Gauri to give him a formal
divorce which she readily accepts. In order to give him the divorce papers
Gauri visits his house and finds Bela and Meghna. Bela introduces her as her
great aunt to Meghna and she was full of enemity against Gauri.

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