Ghana city in Ghana is Tamale which is the


The location of my country is in
West Africa.Ghana is just a few degrees north of the equator. It’s 92,099 miles
from where we live it. The largest city in ghana is Accra. Also the longest
river is Volta.  The capital of Ghana is
Accra since the 17th century Accra has grown into a buzzing city it was known
as the rich western  style buildings and
friendly populations. Also sprawling city stretches nearly 25 kilometers to the
east.  Accra national museum is a good
introduction to the country. It has exhibits that tell the Ghana’s story from
prehistory through today. One major city in Ghana is kumasi it’s the capital
city of the Ashanti region in southern Ghana also known as a center for the
Ashanti culture. Another city in Ghana is Tamale which is the capital city of
the northern region of Ghana it’s known for its traditional mosques and large
central mosque. A major landmark of Ghana is Nzulezo witch is a village located
near the village of Beyin its 90 kilometers west of Takoradi. Another landmark
is the Manhyia palace it sits the former capital of the Ashanti kingdom. A
ethnic group in Ghana is the Ashanti-Akan they are a native group to the
Ashanti region. Another group is the Mole-Dagbon it inhibits the northern
region of the kingdom.  The language
spoken in my country is Austronesian language which is a language formerly
called Malayo-polynesian. They also speak Niger-congo language which is by far
the largest language of family in Ghana. The population size of Ghana is
28,833,629. The religion of  Ghana is
christianity it’s the largest religion in Ghana.  Ghanaian cedi is the currency of Ghana its
the fourth historical and only can be used in Ghana.  A festival in Ghana is called Bakatue
festival it’s celebrated by the chiefs and peoples of Elmina region of

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The president of Ghana use to be
Kwame Nkrumah was born september, 1909 Nkroful gold coast he died april
27,1972. He was the Ghanaian nationalist leader who led the gold coast drive
for independence.  The flag of Ghana is
horizontally striped red-yellow-green national flag with a central black star.
When the president organized the convention people’s party in 1949 to work
toward more self-government for the native African peoples of the British gold
coast. Ghana was founded march,16 1957. Ghana first of the great medieval
trading empires of western africa 7th through the 13th century.  The kind of government structure it have is a
social structure in sociology the distinctive stable arrangement of
institutions where humans beings in a society interact and live together. It
declares Ghana as a unitary multiparty with sovereignty separation and balance
of powers through executive legislative and an independent judicial branch.













World war 1 was 1914-1918 an
international conflict that in 1914-18 embroiled most of  the nations of Europe. World war 2 1939-1945
conflict that involved virtually every part of the world during the years. Law
of war is the part of international law dealing with the inception, conduct,
and termination of warfare. War crime is serious violation of the laws or
customs of war as defined by international customary law and international
treaties. Junior achievement is an educational organization that encourages
early exposure of young people to business techniques through widely used
curricula and after school programs. Heraldry is the science and art that deal
with the use, display,and regulation of hereditary symbols employed to
distinguish individuals. Michael Somes is a British dancer he was born
september 29,1917, Horsely Gloucestershire and died november 19,1994. African
theatre for the arts is the theatre of africa south of the sahara that emerged
in the postcolonial from the mid -20th 
century onward









Western music its 
produced in Europe Electronic music is music involving  electronic processing , such as recording and
editing on tape,and whose reproduction involved the use of loudspeakers, and
electronic organ. Folk music is traditional and generally rural music that
originally was passed down through families and other small social groups.
Chinese art is the painting,calligraphy,architecture
,pottery,sculpture,bronzes,jade carving, and other fine or decorative art
forms. Art criticism is the analysis and evaluation of works of art involving
the effort to understand a particular work of art from a theoretical
perspective and to establish its significance 
in the history of art. Art philosophy is the study of  nature 
including such concepts as interpretation, representation and expression
, and form. It is closely related to aesthetics , the philosophical study of
beauty and taste. Art market is physical ,or figurative venue in which art is
bought and sold at its most basic and art market requires work of art. Which
might be drawn from a very wide range of collectible object a seller, and a
buyer, who may participate directly in negotiations or be represented by agents










Ghana has a football team known as the black satellites, is
considered to be the feed off team. They also has boxing which was first
introduced to the country in the 1960s.They also have  karate which was also introduced to Ghana in
the 1960s.  The reason i picked the
country Ghana is because i wanted to learn about all the different types of
things such as the sports who was incharge the different types of foods how
they dressed and also the different types of activities. What i found the most
interesting about my country is what the food was called they had an food
called FuFu which is made from cassava leaves and plantain or pounded yams. I
also found the clothing interesting they wear something called the kente which
is made Akan  people it’s made from
cotton and silk and its worn for special occasions but on regular days women
are supposed to wear a long skirt and a short sleeved top often in bright
colors and bold patterns.