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2- Flatbed Input Devices

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– Computer Peripherals Workshop


Ujash S.

Input devices

input devices is different type of scanner like flated
scanners,sheet-fed scanner, drum scanner,portable scanner.

Scanner is an input device which is scan any hard copy documents or
photos and convert it into digital format like pdf jpg,png and etc.

days the scanners are used for scan body,scan perticular object
only,or scan metal from any object.

But flatbed scanner means which have flate surface for scaning
object.Like photos,any documents ,magazines

of Flatbed Input devices.


Flatbed Scanner contain flat surface.so we can put any object over
flat surface and scan it.

Flatbed Scanner have bright light that light moving over the flatbed
surface and scan documents.

light make using CIS or CCD array.that help to the light to take a
scan of each document and stored it into the analog signal and
convert it to the digital format like pdef and jpg png format.


Scanner are little bit smaller then flatbed scanner.

type of scanner are work as almost flatbed scanner but new is it scan
multiple pages at a time. This tpye of scanner used to scan whole
book or bunch of documents.

flatbed scanner ar scan one page at a time but sheetfed scanner have
adinational functionality for paging up or down and scan them very
fast and stored into the digital format.

scanner more expensive then other Scanner beacuse it have double
bright light for scan pages very quickly.


Scanner is very smaller then above two scanner.we can take portable
scanner wherever we want.

can put it into our pocket.

type of scanner are used to scan huge size of any object.we just have
to move over the object and Scanner take a digital image of each side
of object and join each images that taken by scanner and convert it
to perticular format that we want.

Scanner works?

scanner have Flated surface for puting object for scanning.

down of flated surface have a glass plate.glass plate size are
different in different type of scanner.

behind flated surface contain bright light we can say lamp .Which is
made up with CCFL (cold cathod flurecent lam) or xenon lamp.
two are used to take a electronic images of object

entire things filter ,mirrors, lens, and CCD array make up with the
scan head . The scan head is moved slowly across the document by a
belt and that is attached to a stepper motor. The scan head is
attached to a bar to ensure that there is no wobble or deviation in
the pass. Pass means that the scan head has completed a single
complete scan of the document.