In new workforce. Another essential characteristic is that the

In order to recruit and select an individual who
belongs to generation Z, it is vital to understand how this generation differs
from the Millenials and how we can make a company appealing for them to work in

Generation Z, has engaged technology from a very early
age, seem to be more money conscious, since they were born and raised during
the economic crisis, and more entrepreneurial who crave for a more independent
work environments. As the Gen Z is more of a “tech freak” its traits and
abilities are widened and as it is stated in the article of Jon Clarke (2016)
they are able to multi-tasking, editing a photo, putting hashtags, sending
emails and uploading videos all in the same time and efficiently.

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Furthermore, they are more social creatures, seeking
opportunities to interact with others through Facebook, Snapchat, etc, but also
as they filter everyday tons of information they tend to be more sceptic and
problem-solving. Taking this into consideration, the recruiters may find
difficult to conceal any unfavorable information about their company but also
gives them the opportunity to enhance the employer brand – something quite
attractive for this new workforce. Another essential characteristic is that the
Gen Z although is multitasking, the average attention span is calculated to be
eight seconds so an extensive job description with many details may drive a new
candidate away. In would be advisable for the recruiters to use videos,
infographics, animations or in general easy visual ways to convey the message. Combining
all of the above suggestions, the recruiters could record favorable and
consistent testimonials using YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, etc of the already
employees and let the social media and visual platforms do their job! Moreover,
as mentions Maxwell Huppert (2017), they are not interesting in working in open
offices but instead they value independence more so in order to attract
candidates, recruiters must bear in mind that since Gen Z doesn’t praise
collaboration they should trumpet the existence of private offices in their
workspace. As mentioned above, since Gen Z is using social media platforms, the
companies that the recruiters work for must use them too but also be adaptive
to any new trend that appears. This will offer an advantage to these companies
because they approach the new workforce in a more subtle way but yet more
efficient. If all of the above are followed to attract Gen Z then the
recruitment can be done more effectively through digital advertisements at the
websites these potential candidates tend to visit daily and through College
placement offices. If the recruitment is conducted right, the selection of the
adequate candidate will be far more easy because the recruiters will have
gathered the right information from the right candidates and will be able to
evaluate the qualifications and skills of the applicants so as to decide which
one has met the company’s criteria and standards.