In refers to eagerness and increases students’ creativity and

Japan, people created a term for the recent generation: yutori (pressure free
education) generation and satori (lack of ambition) generation. Many of the
people are rationalists, do everything by the book, and they’re unwilling to
take any risks or actions by themselves because they do not want to make any
mistakes. Recently, college education gives a lot of various courses with
manifold information; however, none of the classes teaches how to be independent
in the society. College students need to go outside their campus and having
part-time jobs are the best opportunity to act assertively on their own will. Therefore,
having part-time jobs can aid students to become more independent by developing
their self-management and social skills. 

may argue that majority of college students does not need to work, so they
should focus more on their education and having part-time jobs can decrease the
amount of time they can study. However, research has shown that having part-time
jobs are not only about earning money but also motivates college students to
study harder by increasing their self-motivation, understanding prioritizations,
and learn how to apply their own abilities. Self-motivation refers when people
push themselves to work harder; furthermore, having part-time jobs as college
students while other students are doing something else means that they had to
push themselves to work and thus leads them to become more dedicated. Dedication
is mandatory when college students need to finish their assignments; without
dedication, students may procrastinate, and they end up earning lower grades by
turning in the inferior work that they finished in last minute. Self-motivation
also refers to eagerness and increases students’ creativity and innovation.
Creativity can be effectively utilized in assignments like presentations, since
having a distinctive idea catches people’s attention very easily. Not only
motivation, but the work experience improves their self-management skills that
also enhances college students’ academic performances. For instance, working
requires people to prioritize what they need to do first. In restaurants, there
are various jobs waiters and waitresses must cope with, so they are required to
prioritize and act accordingly in circumstances because they cannot let the
customers wait for too long.  Similar in
college, students tend to have a lot of assignments and tests to prepare, and
it is impossible for them to study effectively if they are disorganized.
Therefore, students need to manage time and prioritize what assignments they
need to do by scheduling accordingly. Another example would be learning how to
apply their own ability. When people start working at first, bosses and
co-workers instruct the new employees their job description and the new
employees will be required to apply the knowledge they learned during work.
Similarly, using professor’s lectures and handouts in college are mandatory to
write students’ reports. Therefore, applying the knowledge that they learned
earlier is essential for college students to understand the class better and
achieve higher grades. Developing self-management skills is significant for
college students because as their self-management skills increase, their
productivity increases; moreover, students can take an advantage of their
experiences from part-time jobs effectively for their college performance.

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self-management skills, college students can also increase their social skills
by having part-time jobs. According to the website from, social
skill means when the personal skills are necessary for successful social
communication and interaction. Although some might say
that students can improve their social skills in college, students are required
to communicate politely in society; most of the conversation students have in
college is with their peers. Social skills like communications, team-works and
responsibilities are significant especially for college students since they are
close to joining the society and start working. Lack of understanding about
behaving properly can make the relationships between co-workers uncomfortable
and can be harmful to their career life. Part-time jobs can improve students’
communication skills. Having a conversation between customers and co-workers
are significant since students are required to listen, understand and express
their opinions respectfully towards the others. When students become
independent, they need to communicate effectively with their employers,
co-workers, and clients; part-time jobs can give opportunities to increase
their communication skills that is exclusively different from students
communicating with their peers or family members. Not only communication but
building team-work with co-workers are indispensable. When the restaurant is
busy (from the previous example), employees are required to distribute each
role to increase efficiency. Teamwork in part-time jobs are contradictory from
teamwork in group presentations since grouping up with peers are much more
comfortable whereas the workplace is stressful, and students can feel pressured.
Also, taking responsibilities for their actions are also important when
students are working. In part-time jobs, students will have much more
responsibility because they are expected to perform the job efficiently and
completely every time. Additionally, when they made a mistake, finding the
solution to the problem is their responsibility. Furthermore, when the employee
causes a problem during the project, the employee will be blamed and need to
take a responsibility for the blunder. Part-time jobs can help students to come
out of comfort zone and prepares for them to become more mature and responsible

part-time jobs can aid students to become more independent by developing their
self-management skills and social skills. Self-management skills are important
for learning to manage time wisely, and social skills are also important since
communication is mandatory to survive in this society. The author of the
Japanese book called Organization-ology of Thought, Shigehiko Toyama,
emphasized that recent educational systems are creating intelligent glider
students. A glider is an aircraft that does not include engine but instead, it
flies by gliding. Although glider looks like an airplane, the glider cannot fly
by themselves like the airplane does; glider students are students who have
high GPAs but cannot risk taking any actions by themselves. Students should be
able to think critically and take actions by themselves to become like an
airplane (or in other words, independent), and I think even thinking about
having part-time jobs is one step for students to become more independent.