Leadership these results to create a plan of skills

and management skills are some key qualities that a healthcare workplace needs.
In a healthcare facility, there are often fluctuating changes that require all
the employees to adapt quickly to ensure successful results within the
organization. Having individuals who possess leadership and management skills
is a must when facing ongoing changes that tend to occur very often in a
healthcare facility. Keeping a huge number of people on track organized
requires certain types of skills that not many people tend to have. As a
third-year Health Sciences student, I aspire to work in a hospital environment
in the years to come. I was assigned to complete four online assessments on
management and leadership skills. These assessments will provide me with
in-depth information about my areas of strength and improvement. I will also
develop a plan using these results to create a plan of skills that I need to
work and improve on. This plan will help me as I continue to move along in my
pathway to work at a hospital.

    To begin with, the results I received were
not very surprising for me since I do have a very good sense of what my
strengths and weaknesses are. Although, it was very interesting to see what
areas were better than others. After analyzing my results, I was able to read
the comments and see what areas I am better at and the areas I needed to
improve. An area of strength for me was self-confidence. I received 10 out of
10 perfect a score in this section. I tend to be a very self-confident person
at all times. I know what I am capable of doing and I do everything I put on my
mind. Also, when it comes to achievements I am aware of my accomplishments in
life so my self-confidence also lies in acknowledging all my success.  Another area of success for me was emotional
intelligence. I received 10 out of a perfect score in this section.  At first, I was not sure what that meant but
when I read the comment I figured that it was having a strong sense of
understanding human talent. I have the ability to recognize my own and others
emotions and show empathy when others need it. Being a good role model was also
another area that I received 10 out of 10 scores. Even as a little kid I always
used lead in my friends in the games and made sure everyone felt a part of our group.
So, receiving a perfect score for me was not a surprise in this section. I get
involved in a lot of daily work and I tend to always do what I say. I care
about how others feel when I lead and in a group environment I always, make
sure to check up on everyone. I have a strong motivation to lead and I do not
give up on people or hard situations easily. I put my heart and soul in all of
the tasks I do and tend to motivate a lot of people on the way. When it comes
to my management skills they continue to improve. As a manager, I am great at
communication skills. I listen to people and try to understand their situation
while thinking of a solution for them. Communication is an important part of
managing since you have to inform your team about their tasks and
problems.  As a manager, I am also really
good dealing with problem-solving and decision making. I received a score of 10
out of that in this section of the assessment. Even in my friend group, I am
usually the person people come for advice when there is a conflict going on. I
usually know how to balance each side and create a solution. I tend to
understand how to approach people when there is a major problem and how to deal
with their emotions. So, this quality is very helpful for me as a manager. Lastly,
I received a mark of 18 out of 20 in personal integrity section of the
assessment. I was very proud of this one because I tend to be very polite and
respect everyone’s vision and ideas. As a manager, I feel it is important to
respect people’s dignity and character putting yourself in someone else’s shoes
are an important part of being a leader and a manager. Overall, I was happy
with the results of these assessments knowing my strengths will definitely help
me along the way.

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    In addition, as a leader and a manager,
there are still areas that I need to work on and improve. With the help of
these assessments, I was able to figure out what areas I needed to work on. An
area that needs improvement is managing performance as a leader I should be
able to clearly state my expectations. If people are uncertain of what is
required to do there might be performance issues. As a leader, I should be able
to direct people in the right way and tell them what needs to be done clearly.
To improve this aspect, I need to either create rules or inform my team better
and make sure every individual has the same amount of information when it comes
to doing a task. I received a low mark in the providing support and stimulation
section. I believe this is because I never actually had to lead people for a
long period of time. When it comes to leading people at school I only get
interact with them during the period that I am at school. So, there is no way
for me to actually provide support for them if they need support outside of school.
I believe as a leader I would be able to manage with this better once I
actually work in a hospital environment. I also received a low mark in the
section related to understanding team dynamics and encouraging good
relationships. I believe I lack certain skills in this area as well because of
the fact that I never actually had to manage a team. I do understand that when
it comes to creating groups a manager should be aware of the team dynamics so
the groups can function properly. However, I do not mean to put people with the
same mindset together it is important for teams to be diverse and have
different viewpoints.  I feel like I
would be great at this if I was aware of all the unique qualities each member
had it would help me a lot when it came to putting people in different groups.
The last is of improvement for me is managing discipline and dealing with
conflict. Despite everyone’s best efforts in some situations, there could be a
problem related to just one individual. 
A lot of times in school we are assigned to group work with people we do
not know. There is usually a person in the group that does not do their part of
the job and it is really hard to know how to deal with situations like that.
When it comes to school I am a bit of a pushover so it is hard for me to remain
calm and show empathy. To improve in this area, I know that I need to
understand the fact that not everyone has the same priorities and work ethic as
me. So, I need to remain calm in a situation like this and try to solve it as a
group. Lastly, this part of the assessment really made realize on all the
qualities I need to work and improve to be a great leader/manager in a work

    Furthermore, as we talked about it in our
last discussion post we know that leadership and management skills go hand to
hand. In my discussion, I argued the fact that leaders were born but I still
believe that they can improve with experience. I found a clinical study that
was done with nurses that proved the importance of early leadership training
and benefits of it for our health care system. In a healthcare nurses usually
are the forefronts in the hospital. They deal with so much change whether it is
the machines or the administrative part. The purpose of this study is to show
how important leadership skills are in dealing with constant changes in the
hospital for nurses (Joseph & Huber, 2015). The areas this study focused on
were dealing with patients and first line nurse managers.  When it comes to nurses they have to deal
with so many different types of people every day which requires a high need for
good managing skills and people skills. Nurses also have to work with a lot of
co-workers in the field and managing that and taking responsibility for their
action is a very important for their job (Joseph & Huber, 2015). In this
study, it was found that nurses out of all of the healthcare workers needed to
work on developing their leadership skills at a very early point in their
career. Since these skills will improve as they spend more time at their job
they are acquired to have a strong background in leadership skills.  In a study done on management skills, it also
shows that all hospital workers are required to a cluster of skills before
getting hired.  Some of these skills are
dealing with conflict, teamwork, communication and delegating effectively
(Slipicevic & Masic, 2012). A major finding of this study was the fact that
most of the hospital staff agreed on the fact that they had to take some type
of class to improve their management skills before working in a hospital
environment (Slipicevic & Masic, 2012). To conclude, the was a study
conducted among managers to show the effectiveness of developing leadership
skills (Chaimongkonrojna & Steane, 2015). This study revealed the fact that
developing leadership skills had positive effects on managers (Chaimongkonrojna
& Steane, 2015).

    In conclusion, with the help of these
assessments, I was able to recognize what leadership and management skills I
was good at. I was also able to see what improvements I needed to work on and
how to improve my skills. I feel like this assessment were helpful since I am
planning to work at a hospital facility that requires me to use my leadership
and management skills.