One although he never copied himself. One of these

One of the greatest
Neoclassical artists, Antonio Canova, was known for his eloquent capability with
marble sculptures. He was mostly inspired by the Baroque, a lavish, elaborate
method of architecture, art, and music that thrived in Europe from the early 17th
century to the late 18th. This style of art usually involves statues
of individuals in twisting forms, with exaggeratedly expressive faces. He was
later influenced by roman antiques, history, and artists. Keeping his inspiration
from the Baroque style, Canova was able to create sculptures with various
viewing angles, while maintaining a non-theatrical, restricted subject. Using
his intricate gift, he avoided the melodrama and cold artificiality of the classical
revival. Canova frequently made two slightly different versions of his own
work, although he never copied himself. One of these works include Cupid and Psyche which was originally sculpted
using plaster, and then transferred by a marble block by Canova’s assistants.
The marble version is referred to as Psyche
Revived by Cupid’s Kiss, displays two subjects- a godlike man and a woman-
in an intimate embrace.

            Antonio Canova was inspired to create Cupid and Psyche by Apuleius’ tales in The Metamorphoses. More specifically, he
was intrigued by the story of Psyche. The youngest and most beautiful daughter of
a king and queen, Psyche was respected by the locals as if she were a goddess. The
goddess of beauty, Venus, could not bear the concept of someone more beautiful
than herself. Furthermore, she ordered her son Cupid to make Psyche fall in
love with the lowest humans. However, Cupid could not contain his attraction
for Psyche and pricked himself with himself with his arrow. The king grew
hopeless knowing that his most beautiful daughter was yet to be married. He was
then advised to abandon her in a rock, where Zephyr (the god of the west winds)
would carry her away to his palace. An anonymous individual would make his way to
Psyche’s room each evening and the two would make love.

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