Parents from recurring, for example, if a child made


      Parents and people in authority have the
responsibility of planting discipline on those they take care of. So the
question is: should physical punishment be considered as a parenting tool or
parenting failure? ( Parents should choose wisely
which way they can use to discipline their children, because discipline is
essential in shaping someone’s figure no doubt about it, but the techniques
used to engrave discipline are plenty, and parents are often debating over
whether to use or not to use physical punishment as a disciplinary tool. They
always ask if corporal punishment and physical pain are beneficial as
disciplinary tools or are they cruel and inhumane methods ( 47%of the
people hardly believe that corporal punishment is a good tool for disciplining
unruly and disrespectful children. On the other hand 53% of the people strongly
believe that parents should never lay a hand on their children, because they
think that physical punishment could have negative effects on a child’s
development (

       The first cause why supporters are in favor of
using physical force as a punishment tool on children, is for discipline. In
the past, kids used to respect their parents and authority because they were
scared of consequences, but now there are a lot of spoiled and disrespectful
kids who need to be disciplined, that is why supporters think that parents
should use corporal punishment so they can be able to control their children
and to prevent them from making mistakes, for example, if you asked a child
what he has done wrong and why it was wrong and explain why he should not do
it, will that stop him? No it will not, moreover he would go back to his acts
in a matter of days. That is why supporters strongly believe that physical
force makes a difference. Proponents also believe that physical punishment has
the ability to prevent mistakes from recurring, for example, if a child made a
mistake and you use spanking as a punishment the child will be able to remember
that if he repeat such a deed again, to deserve the punishment, he will receive
the same spanking. The only concern supporters have with corporal punishment is
the possibility of abuse by some. However, the misuse of the few should not be
a reason to make it illegal to the majority. Supporters claimed that there is
an obvious difference between physical punishment and child abuse, in the
supporter’s opinion, physical punishment is used to punish particular acts of
worthy misbehavior. It is not a cruel and unjustified act of violence. In
contrast to this, child abuse is the unreasoned beating of children. The
purpose of child abuse is not to punish a child, but it is inflicted without
worry for the well-being of a child. On the other hand, the purpose of physical
punishment is to plant discipline in a child which is very important to the
child’s future. It is for the child’s own good, while that child abuse is not
( Control is the key, if you can control yourself and
you know that the purpose is to teach the child then it is a valuable learning
experience. Defenders do not think that by spanking your child, you are
wrecking their lives and being abusive. In addition to the above, supporters
believe that corporal punishment can build a child’s character and help him
become a better person and in the future they will have the ability to become a
respectful, successful and hard-working person, also sometimes it is the only
thing that works, for example, if a child is playing with matches and about to
burn the house, you do not calmly ask them to stop what they are doing, you
have to punish them. Furthermore, physical punishment can correct a wrong

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          There is also another reason to why
supporters like to use corporal punishment which is to modify a child’s
behavior. In addition, they think that it is the only successful way to
discipline children. In the past, children have learned not to repeat bad
behaviors in order to avoid punishment. Nowadays, so many young people have no
respect, consuming drugs and being more violent, because there are no harsh
consequences. Furthermore, defenders claimed that physical punishment has the
ability to teach children to respect their parents, if the child is aware that
every wrong attitude gets physical results that will teach him to respect his

corporal punishment is capable of saving a child’s future from destruction. At
the present time, it is not unusual for adolescent sinners to get arrested then
set free under the guidance of their parents for so many times before they get
held in jail. People like this are the most nominees to face detention and
serving time, even more get punishment by execution. If asking those people,
reconsidering the way that led them to be criminals would they have chosen to
be punished, by getting whipped or beaten in order to correct their behavior
rather than being sentenced for jail?, no doubt they would choose that someone
had straighten up their attitude even if they had to beat them. Looking into
the issue, which is more severe: physical punishment or entitle these people to
turn into lawbreakers ( Furthermore, proponents hardly
believe that corporal punishment has the ability to help children find out the
difference between right and wrong, it can also keep them in line. Supporters
also think that there are so many spoiled kids nowadays, teenagers who are
getting into trouble are the very example of why we need physical techniques.
Defenders think that as long as children are afraid of their parents then they
will obey them.

           On the other hand, there are the
opponents who claimed that physical force is not a justifiable method of
punishing children, because it is not a beneficial solution to disciplinary
problems. Massive number of studies has proven that canning and other bodily
punishment can cause significant danger to children, though a lot of parents
are not paying attention to that notification ( Objectors think that
physical punishment has the ability to create a violent society. If a parent
uses physical force on a child to teach them right or wrong then the child will
find that violence is the only way to solve a problem, rather than using
intelligence. In the opponent’s opinion, the cons of corporal punishment
outweigh the pros. Number of researches has proven that bodily discipline to
include canning, slapping and other methods that cause hurt-can lead to
violence, unacceptable manners, bodily harm and rational and emotional
well-being complications for youth( Opponents strongly believe that
children should not be punished by any physical means. If they are, then they
grow into adults that are scared and wounded for the rest of their lives. They
also think that painful punishment can bring down a child’s IQ and affects
negatively their mental development, in addition, it can has a bad influence on
a child’s imagination and creativity(

                Objectors believe that physical
force is not the solution to solve problems because, it teaches you children to
fear and hate you. They might obey you but not for the right reasons, it is the
least effective technique of discipline. Opponents stated that physical force
can create trust issues, it is far less effective than positive reinforcements
and it can cause serious bodily damage like broken arms or nerve damage.
Furthermore, physical punishment teaches children to bully, if you keep using
physical force on a child for doing something not that bad, that child is going
to get the wrong idea and start using it in the wrong way maybe on a friend for
doing something that he did not like, it also has the ability to make children
hate their parents. Opponents claimed that corporal punishment does not stop
the wrongdoing and it can work temporary to cease bad manners as children get
scared from being spanked, but it is not effective for long period and it can
drive children to be more violent.