How to write a winning resume if you’re over 40

If you too find yourself having to find out how to write a winning curriculum if you are over 40 this is the article for you.

There are many people who at some point in their life find themselves forced to change their career path. Sometimes it is a personal choice, in other cases, there are specific needs that can no longer be postponed. Whatever the reason, the news is always good because the mind needs to have new experiences and develop additional skills. Dynamism is the salvation from the monotony and static from which one is overwhelmed after the time that remains in the same professional environment.

The brain is made up of about 100 billion nerve cells: neurons. These cells communicate with each other via specific branches, which increase in number as the brain learns new information. Over time, however, the number of neurons decreases more and more, and with it, the efficiency of cognitive and intellectual abilities: memory, attention, concentration undergo progressive wear. The solution to this degenerative process is learning. So, even if you have been forced to change, try to evaluate the positive aspects that this will bring you too.

But what happens if you are not very young?

If you think about it, you have a valuable card to play: experience. Unlike young graduates or recent graduates, the experience can make you competitive. We know well how important it is and how much is required by companies that often prefer to hire workers who already know how to operate. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, recruiters are unable to find what they need in young people and decide to increase the age range.

Experience, like technical skills, are fundamental aspects of some jobs that can hardly be acquired alongside more experienced people. time is a fundamental unit of measurement within companies and can become a problem for two specific reasons:

  1. Companies that decide to hire young people and then support them with seniors aim to make them acquire considerable skills in the shortest possible time, ignoring the fact that, in many cases, the experience is closely linked to training in doing even in situations of extreme difficulty. However, these circumstances mostly arise over the years. The most valuable experience is acquired gradually and is directly proportional to time.
  2. In many cases, companies do not have time to devote to teaching the trade as they are full of deadlines to meet or urgent work to complete.

Therefore, in both the conditions mentioned above, companies may prefer candidates over 40 years old as long as they have enough experience to be autonomous and efficient right away, freeing their superiors from extra tasks. related to training.

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At this point the question arises:

How to write a winning resume if you are over 40?

To write a winning resume if you are over 40 you need to use tricks that highlight your strengths.

  • First, you must highlight years of experience. Leave your qualifications at the end. Write in detail – but not excessively – the roles you have held and functions. If you have had positions of responsibility, insert them right away: leadership can be very important for a new job.
  • Write down the professional experiences that are most interesting or most consistent with the type of job you are looking for, but eliminate the unnecessary ones. It is important that your application has an excellent ranking and that your ambitions are very clear to those who will read your resume.
  • Imagine you are a recruiter: what would you like to read? Realize that you have to consult numerous applications, read endless pages, and take responsibility for the choices you make. You must know the company well, then search for it on the internet by analyzing the services it offers and the vision. It is necessary to enter into her perception, understand her expectations, and leverage the entrepreneurial spirit that guides her in her daily choices. It, therefore, becomes necessary to study the company for which you aspire to work.

Do you want to make a difference?

If you want to have a considerable competitive advantage by destroying the competition, then read these two other tips.

  • Don’t just talk about jobs and skills. Try to be original. Your resume will end up among many others: competitiveness is key. Talk about your hobbies and what you do in your free time: it will be much more interesting. You have to entice the recruiter to get to know you and talk about something more personal, beyond the professional sphere, that can help you.
  • Give voice to soft skills. These skills constitute the essence of the professional contribution, at times more important than technical skills. We are talking about the spirit of initiative, the aforementioned leadership, problem-solving, and resistance to stress. These particular skills allow you to have that added value that can make you really different in the eyes of recruiters. Almost as important as experience and demands as one of the most precious metals, soft skills are like your trump card during the last round of the last game.

At this point, you know all the secrets to write a winning curriculum if you are over 40. All you have to do is get involved right away.

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