The 5 myths to dispel about looking for work

Even the search for work, like any other area, frames a picture of “rumors” that over time have solidified creating real common beliefs. For those who are more familiar with the network and have experienced the world of online work, presumably they are already aware of what is actually reliable and what is not. For other people who have not yet had the opportunity to experiment or to know more accurately the web in this sense, this article can prove to be really useful because we will try to dispel some of the most common false myths about the job search.

You cannot apply for an advertisement if you do not have all the required skills

We could not fail to place among the first myths about the research of work the need for the “optimum “. The descriptions of job advertisements have always been literally the realization of a company’s ideal. It is a completely natural mechanism, human if you like. When we are about to buy a car or a new house, we have a clear idea of ​​how we want it to be. Later we come up against the reality that offers us an equally acceptable compromise. A part of us, albeit visceral, is aware from the outset that the imagination that resides in the mind will never be able to see the light of the sun because materiality is always ready to change the cards.

The same goes for companies that embellish job offers with the qualities they would like to find in the future employee, but recruiters are also the first to know that all those skills – usually a mixture of technical and soft skills – it is very difficult to find all in one candidate. We can say that the “perfect” job advertisement for them is only an attempt, a prototype. Then, look for the elements corresponding to your profile in each ad, and if they seem sufficient to meet the main needs of the company offering the job, then proceed with the application. The game does not end by sending your candidacy: that’s just the beginning. During the interview, which is the main phase, you will have the opportunity to radiate the circumstance with your special aces up your sleeve, that is the personality traits as important as charisma and the added value.

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There is a winning strategy that can get you 100% hired

We don’t want to disappoint anyone’s expectations in this paragraph. There are some exquisite job offers but one of the more crafty myths about the search for work needs to be exposed. How many times have you happened to read articles on the web with fabulous titles such as: “The perfect job search”. Here, beware of titles like “capture views”. And not because there cannot actually be interesting ideas or useful advice inside, but because no one will ever be able to guarantee such a thing. Declaring that there is “a perfect job search” is in fact equivalent to saying “if you do what I tell you to do you will certainly be hired”. Providing useful advice will certainly not bring a positive result. At most, we can hope that this will happen by committing ourselves to make sure that everything goes for the best. The commitment is one of the many variables that come into play. All the gears must be integrated and must work in unison. These gears have names: common sense, determination, luck, perseverance, dedication. Together they can reduce the ideal distance between you and the idea that the recruiter has in mind. In any case, starting with the awareness that, beyond the “winning” strategies, there is a whole galaxy of circumstances that determine the success or failure of the job search, means starting on the right foot. And accept any setbacks with more responsibility.

Criticism leads nowhere

We always return to the same concept: perfection does not exist in the job search. Obviously, this also applies to recruiters. Seeing them as superior entities, capable of judging you from the height of their role, will only increase your anxiety. Your evaluator may not be competent enough. Imagine recruiters as parents. As they grew up, many children realized that parents are perfectible human beings and not infallible entities. But also the teachers. How many times have you believed that they only said valid things and then discovered that they were not? Apply this concept to the world of work and everything will be clearer and less frightening. It is human nature to create ideals with which one often does not feel up to par. Precisely for this reason, at least from a professional point of view, it is necessary to abolish science fiction characters making room for a healthy critical sense. In this way, your self-confidence will return to you and will allow you to face the job interview with more serenity and preparation regarding the message you want to convey.

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ATS? Great for candidates

Let’s start by giving a short definition. For ATS, which is the acronym of Applicant Tracking System, we mean those computer systems for analyzing and monitoring applications made available to almost all the HR divisions of the planet. Why is this a problem? Because like all algorithms, ATSs are pretty strict with errors. At the first imperfection of the resume, the chances of your application reaching the recruiter’s desk are very small. And there are no skills or abilities that hold, in that case. Because whoever should evaluate them, quite simply, will not even know that they exist. Check carefully the formatting of the CV (avoid PDFs) to avoid that the system does not recognize it and you are out of the game even before starting the game. What can you do, then, to be sure that your application has reached its destination? You can contact the HR division of the company that presented the job offer with kindness and without too many expectations and ask if your resume has actually arrived at its destination. This could also earn you extra points in the eyes of the recruiter who would notice your interest.

Salary is law

As with the recruiters’ discourse, pay must also be critical. Doubt who doesn’t like to talk about this topic: remuneration is your right. Also be wary of those who do not accept the negotiation proposals of the amount, as long as they are always concrete amounts. Compare the proposals of different jobs by creating a list of benefits, finally evaluating which ones are the most appealing to you.

At this point, you will have familiarized yourself with the most common myths about research work. Now you can move with more awareness, encountering fewer unexpected events along the way.

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