The appropriately in the provision of the quality medical

work that takes place in the Mayo clinic is relevant and essential for the
present day in the healthcare organization’s management since it ensures that
the right strategies and actions are implemented. The clinic has ensured that
the administrative work is accomplished through the tasks forces and committees
that help in dealing with issues that pertain to the operations which is
essential in the management of the healthcare organization (Berry & Seltman,
2008).  There is also the shared
management structure in the Mayo clinic works well where the physicians in the
organization are accorded as much stake as the administrators in the clinic
with the aim of ensuring that the organization makes the financial profits
which are crucial for growth and development. On the other hand, the
administrators also share the responsibilities with the physicians when it
comes to ensuring that the patients receive the best medical care in the
clinic. In this case, the collaboration between all the employees and staff in the
clinic allows for the smooth operations since the management decisions are also
made by the groups rather than individuals thus reflecting the modern
healthcare management organization that should be emulated. 

 There are various ways in which the Mayo
clinic has efficiently pulled off the needs of the patients comes first as its
major objective.  The patients are
offered the best care where the physicians take time to examine and listen to
the patients without hurry. The team of specialists is also available and used
appropriately in the provision of the quality medical care to the patients in
the Mayo Clinic. The clinic has also invested in ensuring the availability of
the most innovative and advanced therapeutic and the diagnostic techniques and
technologies that enhance the better provision of care to the patients by
prioritizing their needs (Berry & Seltman, 2008). There is also the
efficient treatment and assessment which is accompanied by the comprehensive
and timely evaluation. The high quality of the patient care is also provided
with trust and compassion. The Mayo clinic also respects the patients, their
local physicians and also their family which is part of the operations that
ensure they put the needs of the patients ahead of everything else.

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physicians and the employees are focused on making the Mayo clinic environment
the best for the provision of the safety and quality care. Such is revealed by
the valued professional workforce with the strong devotion, expertise, and
strong work ethic. The employees and physicians are also of the highest quality
which has made it easy to realize the objectives of the Mayo clinic
easily.  The physicians are provided with
the opportunity of spending the maximum time needed with each of the patients
which is a patient-centered aspect that also shows the commitment of the
management to enhance the best care (Berry & Seltman, 2008). The extra
efforts for the patients and the work teams are embedded in the culture
maintained in the clinic where there is the high level of volunteerism and
contribution towards enhancing quality patient care among the employees. The
management has also fostered the environment of trust and unity thus sustaining
high productivity in working for the patients since teamwork and collaboration
is key (Berry & Seltman, 2008).