The been ignored in the Solow model), should be

The standard Solow Model implies that in the long-run economies
eventually diverge to a steady-state, and that only a continuous technological
progress can explain persistent economic growth.  While, a high rate of saving leads to a high
rate of growth, that is only until the economy achieves a new steady
state.  An interesting implication of
Solow’s model is that poor countries should grow faster to richer
countries.  This might be because of
efficient allocation of capital inflows, since it is expected that poorer
countries should experience higher rate of return, especially since it is
assumed that poorer countries have not yet reached their steady-state.

Notably, the effect of technological
progress, which implies a change in factor productivity (which so far has been
ignored in the Solow model), should be included as a component of the simple
production functions:

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