How to avoid scams aimed at job seekers

Among the thousands of job offers published every day on the internet, unfortunately sometimes “scams” and real job scams can be hidden. Often they start from announcements that do not actually offer possible jobs, but red herrings that hide more or less sophisticated stratagems to extort money or in any case exploit without his knowledge the unfortunate who should bite.

These fake ads are progressively increasing. Many young people, in blogs and forums, tell of having stumbled upon job offers that appear to be the same as the others, but which later, during the interview, turned out to be deceptive. Even the older ones found these scam ads in their hands and, due to inexperience or urgency to work, they fell into the trap.

Fortunately, many job offers are obviously fake already from the announcement. However, it is necessary to know how to take essential precautions to avoid being attracted by scams job contained in false advertisements. Often the latter begins with the classic phrase “looking for enthusiastic and willing young people” and includes only free or poorly paid jobs passed for “very high commissions”.

We establish that you have to follow, as we said before, some precautions to avoid all this. Here are some practical tips to help you determine if it is a real job or the usual job scams.

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Job scams or stellar earnings?

  • Often the scam ads contain the usual list of the various advantages that you have in working with that specific company and do not even indicate the company name, address, and telephone number. Be wary of those that do not indicate the date of the VAT number, they are not serious not to allow you to check if they are registered in the Business Register of the Chamber of Commerce so that they are really existing companies. If, on the other hand, they have a VAT number, you can connect to the Agenzia dell’Intrate website and check the validity of the company and how long it has been open. Otherwise, you can help yourself with the Internet, by typing the company name + scam, maybe it is possible that if the company has already given scams, someone has published their experience on the Internet.
  • A company that is offering you a legitimate job, whether in the office or from home, probably wants to consult the curriculum vitae and references if it is an employee, or want to see an example of previous works. In any case, he will propose a telephone contact. If you are not asked for a resume or given no importance then do not consider the job offer.
  • Serious companies have nothing to hide and immediately explain what the job consists of, what are the requirements, what is the remuneration, and above all have a contract read and signed before starting the activities. Serious companies post their personal search ads on major recruiting sites or use employment agencies. Do not believe those who, from external and not very authoritative sources, publish banner ads offering profitable jobs or easy earnings.

Do you make money or do you make money?

  • Be wary of those who ask you to fill in forms with personal data or even just an e-mail address or a telephone number, promising that you will be contacted by someone. Don’t fall for it, these techniques are often used to propose products or services to sell.
  • Occasionally some companies may charge for a training course but are extremely rare. In any case, the cost of the course would be deducted from the first salary and in no case would a serious company require an advance of the money without returning it. It is much more common for the cost of the course to be borne by the company itself.
  • If they immediately ask you for money in any capacity or amount, they are not going to offer you a job. Most likely they want to sell you something and make money on you. It is the company that offers the job, that pays those who perform it, not vice versa. It also avoids falling into the trap of purchasing kits with demonstration products needed to get started.

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