How to look for work if you have just graduated

Even if you now have a high degree of education, the job won’t automatically come to you. Certainly, you have many more opportunities to hire and just as many more choices but you will have to follow the necessary precautions to look for work if you have just graduated. No university lesson that teaches you the process to follow or that gives you specific advice. Most of the time you learn by doing (remember that looking for a job is already a job), by dint of taking doors in the face or sending empty applications. However, to help you looking for a job if you have just graduated we have set aside practical steps for you to take to get the success you deserve right away.

1. Resources in the university

Within the universities, some professionals offer career guidance services for students, undergraduates, and recent graduates.
It doesn’t matter if you have a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a master’s degree, because these professionals are available for students and alumni of all grades.
They are the first people you should turn to, precisely because they are used to introducing young people to the world of work. They also know better than many others the specific characteristics of the job search for recent graduates, the difficulties that can be encountered.

So try to make the most of all the tools that the university offers you: guidance, workshops, seminars, and preferential job search channels.

2. Effective resume and cover letter

It is obvious that, as we have said several times, at the base of everything there is a well-done CV, which tells who you are in addition to your professional experiences that in this case, you may not have yet.

Then put your academic career first. In fact, if in the traditional curriculum it is advisable to insert first the professional experiences and then the completed studies, in the case of a CV as a recent graduate it is better the opposite. Above all, talk about your soft skills.

Don’t underestimate the cover letter either. Here you will find practical tips to entice the recruiter to consult your application with more dedication How to write an effective cover letter. Almost no one dedicates time to this activity which is a fundamental key to access the job interview; customize it, do not make one for all applications, on the other hand, there is an expert person who sees thousands of cover letters arrive every day if you are not original you will be discarded.

Study the ad and the company well so you can enter those “keywords” that will attract the attention of the recruiter. Finally, do not choose a Europass model because it can limit your competitiveness: they all choose this now highly common option.

3. Professional network

Networking is a key element to looking for a job if you have just graduated and LinkedIn is its best expression.
In fact, some jobs do not become job offers, and that do not become part of traditional research circuits. These job opportunities arise and circulate in the network of contacts between people. Many recent graduates think of developing their professional network only once they have found a job but this is a serious mistake because contacts are used to find work. Even starting to add links randomly, to hastily enrich the network and get to the final goal as quickly as possible, can be an inefficient move.

Why is networking so important? The word of mouth positive develops only after an awaited well-focused personal branding work. Someone can recommend you for a position even before the offer is published, taking advantage of personal knowledge. The references, how does an inexperienced recent graduate distinguish himself from others? A reference can make a difference.

Professional social networks help you create and maintain relationships with the people in the right position to make an impactful reference.

A good network, cultivated online and offline, helps to find and build job opportunities. It is therefore an element that cannot be missing for looking for a job if you have just graduated.

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4. Offline search

Don’t think that the online dimension totally replaces the offline one. The best results are obtained by integrating the activities. Introduce yourself in person to employment agencies.

While many of the vacancies run by employment agencies flow into job search engines, it’s still worth going in person for two reasons.

  • First, they may have some offers available that have not yet been posted online.
  • Second, meeting HR professionals is about getting to know you. In this way, you will be able to transmit added value compared to what is evident from the curriculum.

5. Goal definition

Having a specific professional goal is a fundamental rule in the search for the first job of a recent graduate. So make sure you know exactly where you want to go and what position you want to fill. What did you graduate from? You have several possibilities at your disposal, decide where you prefer to work, also establishing what your ambitions and strengths may be.

In today’s competitive world of work, you can’t afford any doubts about the skills that make you stand out. Think back to your academic career, the subjects you studied, and the activities you have done.

What were you passionate about, where did you get the best results? And what skills did your student life give you? What characteristics differentiate you from all other recent graduates?

Based on your current characteristics and skills, identify your professional goal, and define a clear positioning within your application.

6. Update and information

It is important to keep up to date, take the time to explore the sectors that interest you, you may find the information you already know, but also news you know less about. Almost nobody does it, it could be an excellent differentiation strategy.
Find out about the main companies, traditional and emerging, start-ups and multinationals. Search for them on the internet, read their websites, follow their social pages, keep up to date with the latest news about them.

Also, take into account the geography of job vacancies. In fact, there may be regions or individual cities that have a large job offer linked to a specific sector, or on the contrary that do not have any.

If you are not willing to travel to find the job of your dreams, then you have to adapt your job search to the characteristics of the area in which you live. This will put limits on your aspirations.

7. Online reputation

Recruiters check who you are on the internet before they even pick up the phone to offer you the job interview. Before submitting applications, search the web for your name. Check the results, and identify anything that shouldn’t be in the eyes of the world. Clean up your social media accounts and build a reputation that might interest you. If you want to get more results, build a website or portfolio to make yourself even more engaging.

8. Perseverance

You need to organize your research to be an ongoing process and a long-term sustainable commitment. Remember that looking for work is already a job and in this long battle, the one who does not give up in front of the doors in the face and yet another refusal wins. As in all things, to reach the top one must be determined and not be discouraged by situations. All in all, it is only a matter of time. So to look for work if you have just graduated you must have patience and perseverance.

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